World Machine and Substance Painter Template

This is a pre-prepared template for World Machine that helps create nice-looking terrains in short amount of time. It comes with a smart material for Substance Painter with basic materials inside and video guide on how to use these files to get nice-looking terrains.


- To open World Machine template properly, you will need Geoglyph plug-in installed on your machine. However, if you don't have GeoGlyph, you can still use the same technique using standard World Machine generators, devices, and macros along with Substance Painter smart material. You can use any other software for terrain creation, or software where you can sculpt it, like ZBrush for example. You just need to make sure that you have a set of masks that you can use in Substance Painter.
- Usage of this information requires World Machine and Substance Painter basic knowledge.

World Machine and Substance Painter Template (Preview)