Hard Surface Kitbash Pack 01

Hey guys!
I want to share with you a Hard Surface Kitbash Pack 01 and I hope that it can be helpful for many other 3d artists and designers in different fields of CG! This huge library consist of 414 single objects and 108 mesh groups which can be used in creation of stunning robots, mechs, sci-fi devices, weapons or any other mechanical things, just use your imagination! I hope that you will find this pack useful and it will help you in your creativity!

Please, feel free to send me your artworks in which you use this kitbash pack. It would be really great to see your creativity!

Oh and, this pack is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Download Brush Pack here: https://gum.co/HTJJk
Brush Pack Demonstration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6QyOZTAHQY
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Hard Surface Kitbash Pack 1